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Hello! Thank you for visiting my website!
My name is Andrew Ryazantsev. Since 2011, I paint portraits to order, with a dry brush or oil on canvas.

I am engaged in drawing from early childhood. But to finish any art school was not destined. The reason is in my desire to "realistic" and not to "form." Having obtained the necessary basic knowledge about color, composition, perspective, plot, etc., I went my own way.

Portraits - this is the most difficult direction in the visual arts! But it was they who inspired me. The main beacon in the ocean of genres and styles of drawing, became for me the artist - portrait painter Igor Kazarin art-portrets.ru. Subsequently, he became my teacher and friend.
Today I send portraits to clients in different countries of the world.
I can draw a portrait for you. Please write or call me! My language is Russian. But I speak a little English and German.